Mother Shipton is England’s most famous prophetess, and is generally considered the English answer to the French Nostradamus.

Ursula Southeil was born in 1488, in Knaresborough, England. She was the daughter of fifteen year old Agatha Southeil, who gave birth to her in a cave beside the river Nidd, in North Yorkshire, England. Legend holds that Ursula was deformed in some way, possibly with scoliosis, and that her mother either died giving birth to her. Ursula nonetheless received a good education being literate and writing her famous prophecies in verse form. Ursula was noted for her psychic and magical abilities from an early age, and though most famous for her prophecies and predictions, she was also a spiritual healer.

At age 24 Ursula married Toby Shipton, a carpenter. As she grew older she came to be known as “Mother Shipton”.

Many different collections of Mother Shipton’s prophecies have been published over the years, the first appearing in 1641 – eighty years after her death. Some of the predications attributed to her are definitely forgeries, others may be original to her – many are very famous.

Mother Shipton is said to have predicted the defeat of the Spanish Armanda in 1588, the Great Fire of London in 1666, and the development of many modern technologies. Notably, she also predicted the end of the world – to happen in 1881.

The famed diarist Samuel Pepys records that at the time of the Great Fire of London he heard members of the British royal family discussing Mother Shipton’s prophecy of the fire.

Among Mother Shipton’s most famous prophecies is the fall of Cardinal Wolsey. Mother Shipton had made a prophecy that Cardinal Wolsey would never come to York, despite being its Archbishop. Because the Cardinal was in a politically sensitive position owing to King Henry VIII’s desire to divorce his Queen, the prophecy was politically damaging to him.

The Cardinal sent emissaries to question Mother Shipton about this prophecy, and afterwards swore that he would come personally to York and when he did would have her arrested as a Witch. Cardinal Wolsey duly set of from London to York but ten miles short of the city he was ordered to return to London to stand trial for High Treason, dying during the journey.

Mother Shipton died in 1561.

The cave where Mother Shipton was born is known as Mother Shipton’s Cave and together with its associated “Petrifying Well” has been a popular tourist attraction since 1630.


Socrates, born in 469 BC., was a great Athenian philosopher.

Socrates was the teacher of Plato, and thus had a great influence on Pla[1]tonic thought, one of the leading spiritual systems of the ancient world whose ideas are still very important in modern metaphysics today.

Socrates' own teaching was primarily concerned with issues of virtue and right behavior. Socrates taught that the highest virtue was to "Know Yourself", and that no one knowingly does wrong but rather always does the best thing they know to do.

Socrates taught with a method termed Socratic Dialogue or Dialectic: teaching through question and discussion. Socrates is said to have creat[1]ed the teleological argument for the existence of Deity, which states that anything which exists to fill a useful purpose must be the work of an intelligence which designed it to fulfill that purpose.

Socrates was an opponent of the powerful Sophist movement, and his activities against them led to his being accused of impiety and cor[1]rupting the morals of the young. Socrates denied having done anything wrong, but refused to offer arguments to support his point of view and was convicted and sentenced to commit suicide by drinking hemlock, an herbal poison.

Socrates trial and death occurred in 399 BC. Since Socrates left no writings of his own, our knowledge of his teachings is derived from the works of his student Plato and the memoirs of the historian Xenophon: plus a few comments in the works of Plato's student Aristotle.


Born and raised in Salem, MA, Therese Pendragon is truly a Salem Witch. Born into a large family of French, Sioux and Algonquin heritage, Lady Therese was raised to speak French as well as English, and has also studied Latin and High German.

Lady Therese has practiced Witchcraft and the spiritual arts for four dec[1]ades, has studied under several famous teachers, notably Laurie Cabot –the Official Witch of Salem. Lady Therese holds several initiations and is a High Priestess in both the Cabot-Kent Tradition and the Alexandrian Tradition.

In 1979 Lady Therese was part of the historic photograph of Laurie Cab[1]ot and the Black Doves of Isis in National Geographic magazine. The photo is famous in part because it captures psychic energy on film, and is considered to have “put North American Witches on the map, internationally.”

Lady Therese and her youngest daughter Michelle also marched with the Salem Witches in their historic first-ever appearance in the “Heritage Day Parade” in August, 1978.

Lady Therese is a professional performer and musician. She has record[1]ed several albums along with Michael Pendragon including 13 Moons, Eight Solar Holidays, Dragon Tales, Angels and Aliens, Sun Child, and Peace Moon. Lady Therese and Michael Pendragon also performed with the rock band Original Sin in the early 1980s.

Lady Therese has danced for 35 years, specializing in Sacred Dance, and various styles of Belly Dance. She designs and creates her own costumes and jewelry. Lady Therese also creates original art work, ritual tools, and pan pipes.

Lady Therese has appeared on the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather in 1985, Lifetime Channel’s “Nature of Witches” in 1995, and National En[1]quirer TV in 1999. Lady Therese has also made several appearances on Magick TV.

For many years Lady Therese and Michael Pendragon operated Salem's famous Oracle Chamber. The Oracle Chamber featured Lady Therese’s art and ritual tools, as well as a wide range of metaphysical tools and supplies with an emphasis on the unusual and hard to find. The Oracle Chamber also offered Spiritual Counseling, Tarot, Palmistry, Past Lives, Astrology, and workshops on a wide variety of subjects, as well as classes Belly Dance.


Abby Willowroot is a world famous artist and jeweler. Nine pieces of her jewelry are in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. A fourth generation artist, she is the daughter of painter Charles M. Kerins.

A Wiccan High Priestess holding High Priestly status in several Tradi[1]tions, Lady Abby is the founder of Spiral Goddess Grove. Lady Abby has been a practicing Pagan since 1960s and a full time metaphysical and Goddess artist since 1965.

Lady Abby is also the proprietor of Willowroot’s Real Magic Wand Com[1]pany, where she manufactures magic wands using the same high quality techniques she uses to create her famous jewelry.

Lady Abby is most famous for the Goddess 2000 Project. The Goddess 2000 Project was an international art project dedicated to creating God[1]dess art. The slogan of the Goddess 2000 Project was “A Goddess on Every Block”.

Anyone was welcome to take part in the Goddess 2000 Project regard[1]less of their religious or philosophical background as long as they recognized a Feminine aspect of God and wanted to portray it in art. Consequently Witches and Pagans of many different Traditions were able to come together to make Goddess artwork despite the philosophical differences which might otherwise have separated them, as well as people from many other religions which recognize a feminine aspect of God.

The Goddess 2000 Project was an epochal moment in the Magical Community because it was one of the first international movements within the community to cut across Tradition lines and create common ground that everyone could sharer regardless of their background. This broke down many walls to create one of the most unifying moments in the modern Magical community.


Among the most prominent leaders of the modern Pagan movement, Oberon Zell Ravenheart was born Timothy Zell on 30 November, 1942.

In 1974 Oberon married his life partner Morning Glory Zell. Together Oberon and Morning Glory founded Mythic Images, a company dedicated to Goddess themed statuary and fine Pagan jewelry. Mythic Images is particularly famous for their meticulous reproductions of Neolithic Goddess figures, as well as innovative modern works such as the Millennial Gaia.

A man of many accomplishments, Oberon is perhaps most famous for taking inspiration from science fiction, fantasy, and legend to create real-world structures and events.

On April 7, 1962, Oberon co-founded the Church of All Worlds with R. Lance Christie – a Pagan church based in part on ideas from Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land. Oberon served as Primate of the Church of All Worlds until 1998, and then again from 2005 to the pre[1]sent.

Oberon is the creator of Green Egg Magazine, one of the most famous of all Pagan magazines. Oberon published Green Egg magazine from 1968-1975 and again from 1988-1996. In 1970 Oberon had a profound vision of the Living Earth. He published an account of this vision in Green Egg magazine as an early version of the Gaia Thesis.

Oberon is also famous for breeding unicorns. Together with his wife Morning Glory Zell Ravenheart, Oberon learned the secret of breeding unicorns in the 1970s. Using a simple technique of animal husbandry that causes the horns of any two-horned animal to grow together as a single horn, Oberon and Morning Glory created their famous herd of unicorns. In the 1980s Oberon, Morning Glory, and their unicorns toured with the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus.

In 2004 Oberon founded the Grey School of Wizardry, an online school with students world-wide that celebrates magic as an art form and a science, independent from its religious aspects. Oberon runs the school together with the Grey Council, a group of prominent Wizards, Witches, and Pagans.

Oberon and Morning Glory also did a great deal to popularize the idea of polyamory, or group marriage. Morning Glory coined the term “polyamory” in her 1990 article “A Bouquet of Lovers”, published in Green Egg.

Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart passed from this life on May 13, 2014 at the age of 65, after a long battle with cancer. Oberon and Morning Glory had been married for forty years. Morning Glory was buried at Annwfn, the sacred land of the Church of All Worlds.

The story of Oberon and Morning Glory's life is told in the book “The Wizard and the Witch: Seven Decades of Counterculture, Magick, and Paganism”.

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