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Pagan World TV - Tuesday September 20th


September 20th

5 Pm

Living the Wiccan Life with Elysia Gallo, Morning Glory and Oberon Zell

12:40 pm
5:40 pm

Interactive Grimoire – Nostradamus

1:00 pm
6:00 pm

Witch School Lesson 5

1:40 pm
5:40 pm

Journey to the Parliament #11 with Rev. River Higginbotham

2:15 pm
7:15 pm

Living the Wiccan Life, Episode 1

2:45 pm
6:45 pm

Journey to the Parliament #10

3:15 pm
7:15 pm

Journey to the Parliament #8

3:45 pm
8:35 pm

Spells and How

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“Pagan World Television Network will bring creative magickal content for anyone, anywhere, anytime. We are first of kind social broadcasting network that exists in cyberspace and the metaverse. We will share experiences at a deeper level. Its my goal to bring this vision to life” – Ed “the Pagan” Hubbard
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Dear Great Family,

I have already moved to PaganWorld, and I am quite excited about what PaganWorld offers.

TheDailySpell social site will be closing on March 31. PaganWorld is the perfect replacement offering new and expanded features as well as all of the familiar features we had at TheDailySpell. I have already moved to PaganWorld and have been putting my videos there for some time. I hope you will join me there in this new and revitalized social network.

One of the most exciting things I am do

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Pagan World Mission Statement

Pagan.World is your access to the Pagan Community from Local to Global.
Pagan.World is a new project in 2021 that seeks the development of a directory, to share listings and information on local Pagan resources. From this Pagan.World will offer links and connections to the community you desire to learn, share, and become part of. These links will include groups, temples, circles, shop, services, businesses, and teachers that serve Local Pagan communities. Through these listings, you can exp
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Blessed Krampusnacht!

🖤 Blessed Krampusnacht! Have you been bad?
Popularized by the fictional novel Krampus the Yule Lord (by author and artist Brom), traditions involving Krampus and similar beings originated as early as the 12th century in Germany and the surrounding areas. Having partial German heritage myself, the revived holiday of Krampus night celebrated on December 5th is one that I love!
Krampus likely had a pagan persona before his narrative was adapted to fit into early Christianity. Although those details
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I was recently reading Advanced Witchcraft by Edain McCoy. In her book, she calls out to the more advanced practitioners in her audience to make spaces available to less advanced practitioners, the curious and the interested.

I was very inspired by her request and it really gave me a lot to think about. These days people get together in groups so much less frequently. We are very busy with work, child-rearing, working on our own paths and, for some, working with our own groups. And now, with the

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The Road to Parliament 2022 Correllians Live! Telethon

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    ​The Parliament of the World’s Religions is coming to Chicago, Illinois in August 2023, and the Sacred Order of Paladins and Correllian Nativist Church will be attending to represent the Pagan Community, but we need your help!

    Attending Parliament is paramount not just for the Correllian Tradition but the Pagan Community as a whole. So, in an effort to secure the funds to send as many Correllians to Parliament as possible, we will be holding The Road to Parliament 2022 Correllians…

  • Created by: Ed Hubbard