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We are so excited about the growth of Pagan.World!   We have over 500 members now and Pagan.World Television Network is launching this month!  But we need volunteers to help us.

We need people who can help with the following areas

  • Ning Developers and Ning Creators'
  • Bloggers and Article writers (all content must be original)
  • Video editors
  • Video content creators
  • Event collectors (people to list events)


If you are interested,  join the Pagan World Volunteers Group.   We have a list of what we need posted in the Forum for the Group.   Respond the Forum with what you would like to help with us and how much time you have available.   We are grateful for any time you have for us!



Rev. Mary Hawk

General Manager


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Rev. Mary Hawk has been a practicing Pagan for 23 years. She is an ordained Priestess of the Correllian Nativist Tradition. She is a Numerologist and has taught several workshops on the subject. She has been co-coordinator of Nashville Pagan Pride for 10 years. Mary is also involved in Pagan Prison Ministry through the Sanctuary of Light, a ministry of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville.

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The Road to Parliament 2022 Correllians Live! Telethon

  • Description:

    ​The Parliament of the World’s Religions is coming to Chicago, Illinois in August 2023, and the Sacred Order of Paladins and Correllian Nativist Church will be attending to represent the Pagan Community, but we need your help!

    Attending Parliament is paramount not just for the Correllian Tradition but the Pagan Community as a whole. So, in an effort to secure the funds to send as many Correllians to Parliament as possible, we will be holding The Road to Parliament 2022 Correllians…

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