Our Friend the Owl

Our Friend the Owl

I had an interesting experience last night that has never happened to me before. As I was having my nightly walk I came upon a wild owl. The owl sat and watched me for several minutes. I even talked to it, and it continued to watch me. At length I walked on and it flew into a nearby tree. Now, I have certainly seen wild owls before, either in flight or quickly getting out of sight, but I have never had one watch me. In fact, this owl originally had a companion who flew away as soon as I approached, which is what I would have expected. I don't normally take animals as omens, if I know they are about and likely to be seen. But I do take animals as omens if their presence or behavior is unusual, as this behavior is. What do you think? Is this an omen owl? How would you interpret such a portent?

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  • It may be someone came to visit :)


  • I'm not sure I can offer a significant interpretation of its future meaning, but I do feel your moment exemplifies a deep sense of connectedness, one that honors sacred common bonds within creation, and that resonates with waves of beauty and grace in the act of discovering 'the other as I' -- a moment of purest insight experienced by both you and the owl, together as one, sanctified and sealed into your collective, shared memory. Surely that does speak for positive things to come, internally or otherwise.

    Cosmo Rubiconis


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