Pagan Nightly News Returns 11/11/22

Pagan Nightly News Returns 11/11/22
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November 11th, 2005 - A short-lived experiment called Pagan Nightly News made it to the Internet. It was the inspiration and seed of Magick TV. On November 11th, 2022 Pagan Nightly News is returning to the air.

Pagan Nightly News will be a deeply experimental way to deliver news to people who are interested in our magical way of life  with delivery across multiple platforms including Roku,, YouTube, Facebook, and beyond.

Pagan Nightly News will be curated and crowdsourced, with both live and recorded components. Anyone can offer us news and tips through our forums. We are looking for individuals and groups to help us by being local reporters collecting local news and covering local events. We can create a powerful and useful way to stay in touch with our community using these ways of collecting and reporting the news.  We are bringing you Pagan News: By Pagans, For Pagans.

We are looking for volunteers to be reporters, editors, show creators, superstar technical staff, and anything else you think you can do. 

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