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Pagan World Television Network will bring the Magical Realm to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Broadcasting from the Mystical World to you.

Upcoming Shows we are developing

The Lottery Experiment: This show focuses on the possibility of reality manipulation by shared thoughts. At the center is a lottery ticket, that is composed o chosen numbers, in which the people focus on. Can we have this lottery ticket win by shared thought. The ultimate in psychic experimentation. Host Ed the Pagan

Chasing the Endless Summer: We follow the Pagan Festival circuit with the Master Merchant Neil Goodman.  This will be a look at how and who attends. In our first season we will be covering festivals in USA including St. Louis Pagan Picnic, Wisteria Sumer Solstice, Starwood, Sirius Rising and NERF.

Witch Rising: A Discussion on the rights of body autonomy, including reproductive rights, personal identity, and so many issues to be discussed. Host Mary Hawk and her panel

Witch School Lessons: Presenting the Magic and Practice of Wicca, through the lessons of the Witch School. You can take the lessons on online. Includes Witch School Live, and witch School Lectures.  Led By Rev Don Lewis, Rev Laurie Denman, and the Witch School Team

Pagan Study Group: A regular discussion of Pagan Subjects by members of our community to provide information, knowledge, wisdom and pleasure. (Looking for teachers and guides)

Pagan Books and Authors: Developing several ideas and shows on covering the most important and shared items in all of Pagandom, and that is books. (Looking for hosts and interviewers).

Ask A Witch: (Ask a Pagan, Druid, Heathen): This is a short form video to allow a expert of knowledge, around a few questions asked by our audience.  (looking for Hosts to answer questions).

Mousai Monologues – a show for Pagan poets to read and discuss their poetry.

If you are interested in hosting a show, volunteering to help, have content you can share, and almost anything else, contact us at

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