Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit…….The Legend of the Correllian Fluffy Bunny

In my journey’s across America, there is one refrain that I heard repeatedly. I was proclaimed a Fluffy Bunny™ and my Tradition was the same. I believe it was supposed to stop me in my tracks, to insult me, and bring me to public shame. The expectation I am to feel, is to withdraw and be delegitimized before these who feel energy and might. They call me personally and my Tradition a Fluffy Bunny™. In that moment, the thrower of words, expects me to stand aside, while they are the true warrior. I do stand aside because I am always interested in these displays of power. They are common and aggressive.

When we hear Fluffy Bunny ™ what is it you conjure? As a Correllian I often hear the term Fluffy Bunny™. It really meant as a derogatory slur, which I have learned. It’s taken time, and lots of shadow work, I take it as a deep compliment. After all the slur is meant to say, that the Correllians, are “naïve, soft, weak, and without power.” It further states they follow a path as a practitioner of love and light, but no real substance. After all, if you are not wolves and warriors, are you even really serious? I get it, we live in a dog eat dog world, and my Tradition is much closer to a warm puppy pile than a pack of hungry hunters. It’s true, we would rather love than hunt. It’s our nature to love our family, above all other things. Our dedication of the Great Family allows us to embrace love over fear.

So the madness is, the Hard Core Pagan Badass™ often spits at us, because we don’t accept the harsh reality. That our world view is horribly naïve and even dangerous. They want to proclaim we are going to be victimized, include by them. Let us understand Fluffy Bunny™ is not just an insult but often an open threat. The Pagan Badass™ want you to know they want you to back off and not question them.

Instead as rabbits, we offer hope, we offer love, and we offer acceptance above all other things. You can trust that we are telling the truth, our truth the best ways we can. We offer it with joy, with understanding, and we seek to be kind. We are the Fluffy Bunny™ that does not want to scare you, to frighten you, or to bring you anything but comfort and joy. If these are not traits of a witch to you, then so be it. Call us what we are, Fluffy Bunny™ Tradition, which accepts everyone and loves them all the same. What a wonderful legacy.

In this attempted slur upon us in open mockery is that there are so many of us. That too is a Fluffy Bunny™ trait. We multiply because we are gentle, joyful, and fun. So you attack us as wolves, bears, hawks, and eagles. You may stand for your strength, but we stand as the people who bring support. The Correllian Tradition is the best help you can get, and we help far more people than those who object to us, because of our cheerful and trusting manner. Yet at the end of it all, our people do well, survive so many strife’s, and in the end expand the Great Family, multiplying well like rabbits. After all, do you want in a family of love, or a family of anger? Correllians are the Fluffy Bunnies™ who care deeply for our own, and our community we share. No fangs, no barking, no sneering, we leave this to others. We live in love, not fear.

When they cry out, Ed, are you too a Rabbit?. I say proudly I am. In Chinese Astrology I am a Water Rabbit, born in ‘63, and stand guard over my community. Threaten us and we are the rabbits which the medievalist scribes feared. We are the rabbit that a generation of Mighty Python fans offered. “That Rabbit is a killer.” As a good friend of mine has recently said, ‘We are bunnies with blood red teeth.”

So remember, we are happily your Fluffy Bunny™, to serve, to provide, to love, and to care. We are as you have said we are, and we are honored in this. We hold no desire to be anything else. We accept and even cherish that we are the Fluffy Bunny ™. We can and will protect our own. So you decide, are you good with us, and can you accept our desire for peace, love, and respect. Can we exist in your world?

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

The above is the opinion of Ed Hubbard and does not necessarily reflect the words and thoughts of Pagan World or the Correllian Tradition.

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  • Rabbit, rabbit! Now I know why I was so drawn to rabbits as a child!

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