TechnoWitch: So Above, So Below

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…” Hermes Trismegistus

In relationship with our divine, we have a belief in the reflective nature of universal energy, that of the higher self, of the Gods, of the Divine, is also founded in us as humans and all life upon this physical plane. It is in this, we see our truest nature, where our free will and imagination reside. So too is this our relationship with Cyberspace. It has a relation with us, as we are the higher power within the energy of cyberspace. So let us speak with a knowing we deeply understand.
As Above, So Below
In the world of Cyberspace, another plane of existence, mirrors this. Just as the Heavens are above us, and we below upon the physical, in Cyberspace, this role is reversed. We stand above the Internet, Computers, and all the devices we use to tap into Cyberspace. We decide how and what the psychic space, the imagery and workings of this dimension space we access. Whatever we build, whatever we create, is the condensation of imagination so below in cyberspace. Our Screens and device look at the global web below. Just as the Gods built all the planets and stars, so too we create the worlds in the Cyberspace realm.
As Within, So Without
In this we mean what is in us, projects outward into our physical and mental worlds. We are taught how we feel and frame our minds, is how we will see the world around us. Within Cyberspace must recieve which is Without, So Within can act. Right now, we as outside forces, the Gods of creation, must go within the space to create. The code, the images, the information is solely from our sources. Cyberspace is so empty a space, so much literally the realm that existed before ours, in potential, until the electronic equivalent of a big bang, and now that has occurred, So Without, as we are the Higher Power, the Creative Urge, and the New Gods with unlimited ability to discover and fill with our thoughts this near everlasting dimension. So Within, is where we project ourselves to build these new cosmic spaces. Our goal is to get deeper into cyberspace.
As the Universe, so the Soul
In our physical realm, we accept that the universe is the way of all things, and it makes our soul part of something greater. So as we come to understand the universe we come to understand the soul. In Cyberspace, it is our soul, if that is what we are willing to say moves us to freewill, is the source, not the spark. So the Soul, so the Universe is that the soul, our inner spirit that lives, creates the internet, along with others. You can create space that is just yours or space that is shared by billions. It is only possible by expressing the Soul into Cybespace.
So as a TechnoWitch can say, ‘So Below as Above, So Without, So Within, As the Soul, so goes Cyberspace’. When Witches speak of their magic. They understand they always have stood between three realms. In this case, it is the Divine, The Physical, and Cyberspace, and in that is unlimited creative capacity. The Technowitch thrives at this point of self-expression, their will alone.
So the journey into the realm continues.
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  • So the witch is the God of the cyberspace. Interesting thought.

    • Yes, it has a certain power and truth to it. Thank You for commenting. 

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