Okay folks: Here is one of the strangest paragraphs I have written. I mean every word of it, but is it comprehensible. Bandwidth is the Internet combined with energy.

Telecosmic is termed from Telecosm, the time of infinite bandwidth, in a Telecosmic world, you have unlimited bandwidth for your basic services, and the use of shared electronic assets. Various gate fees are paid, and the types of devices and software dance in a ever expanding circle of electronic diversity. This is the Telecosm, and when we are done it will produce a Telecosmic world. A world where bandwidth is not even a question, and information is frictionless as the deepest levels. In a Telecosmic world the Telepathic would be the highest order communicator. Electronic Telepathy is the perfection of all telecommunication systems. How we use that technology will be the ultimate question. – First draft, Paganics Handbook.
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Ed 'the Pagan Hubbard

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