The Economic Blocks of the TechnoMagic Culture.

In creating a TechnoMagic culture, one must understand the needed building blocks that are required. The ability of a Techno to hold onto and control these elements will find their abilities increase over time. Failure to command any of them will limit and even deny you access when you need it. So here are the basics of an economy needed for our emerging culture.
Energy is the core. Nothing is as essential and fundamental then energy to flow through the system.
No energy means the end of all living systems.
Every techno must seek in developing their energy sources and storage, working with all who can produce this energy. Not just electrical energy, but emotional, mental, will and life force.
Information is how we control energy. While we use our information, use it to lead execution and the process that emerges. The process creates a path to act on will, eventually becoming automagical. Information is how we acquire and extract all manner of energy from our environment for us to use.
Processing power is how we eventually utilize information plus energy, to create. Without information, energy would not know how to be expressed as our will. When its blended with processing power, within or minds, or through systems we create, then a creative action occurs. This ability to process, create executable steps, carry them out, and have them become sustainable and everlasting, is the core of industrial civilization. This is why we have created tools, and in return as we evolved our tools, our tools evolved us. Today, our processing power lies in our minds and now, increasing embedded in our machines. The greater the processing power, the faster the evolution of information, and the creation of everything we desire.
Distribution of information, be it executable commands, information, content, or communication. It is how all networks begin, first by foot, then by road and stead, then the telegraph, telephone, radio, television, telecommunication and finally the Telecosm. Today we can distribute communication with ease, be it text, visual, audio or video, or a combination there of. The lack of friction and distance is essential for good distribution.
Manufacturing is the primary function of a tool making. To manufacture tools is how we evolve ur civilization, our underlying creation of the technium. Whether it be the final tool, or a tool in process, as in creating them is part of the technomage. Your access to tools and their manufacturing is vital, and whether by owning the means including 3D printers, or access to large scale systems by software, or any form of hybrid, it will be an essential way to create your imagination into the physical or cyberspace.
Attention is the current currency of this growing new economy. This ability to gather a following, which then shares resources from a micro to macro level is needed. Attention is a currency that is valued in time and actions, so its value is significantly different from cash, coins and pieces of blockchain. In fact, attention includes the sharing of money, as well as time. Primarily it’s an emotional payment, in which we feel the desire to have part of a shared life. Your ability to gain attention, whether it be a few or the masses, the invested and the entertained, all creates a foundation to help you reach the connections you need to make your magic possible.
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Ed 'the Pagan Hubbard

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