It's once again Money Monday! We all know the power of setting intentions for the New Year. You can shift your life like a bomb by combining all these tips into an epic New Years Eve spell! Alternatively, you can achieve your goals steadily by trying one thing every week. I don't know about you, but our team is so ready to manifest better times!
1🍀 BAYBERRY CANDLES Burn candles with Bayberry essential oils to attract prosperity. The use of Bayberry is a New Years tradition. Our Aquarius brand candles are locally made and heavy on the oils, so they smell fantastic!
2 🍀 AVENTURINE Carry or wear aventurine for good luck. Aventurine has often been called The Gambler's Stone because of it's lucky energy. They are inexpensive, so grab 10 if you like!
3 🍀 MONEY DRAWING INCENSE Incense for positive change comes in lots of different blends and forms. We like the "Money Drawing" "Helping Hand" and "Open Road" by Aura.
4 🍀 FAST CASH CANDLES Effective and popular, we highly recommend the "Fast Cash" candles by Dorothy Morrison. If red is a color that better represents wealth to you, we do offer a other options.
5 🍀 CONJURE OILS There are dozens of conjure traditions and recipes for drawing in money or increasing good fortune. We love all of the skin safe Pheramona's options. They work, and they smell delicious!
🍀Bloodstone is fantastic for good health!
🍀Dried mint is a great herb to attract money!
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