Witch School for Beginners 2022

Witch School for Beginners 2022

Witch School will offering a yearlong program of public education to provide basic understanding of Wicca, Witch School, and Paganism to all who seek it.  Our training will be through our multiple platforms, including our school, Podcasts, Magick TV, and Social Media platforms.  We will be working to create a way to connect to individuals and the community as always been our goal.

In recent months, the growth in the interest of Wicca and Witchcraft has grown substantially. Where there was thousands of individuals now hundreds of thousands, even millions of individuals seeking training and community.  This is unprecedented in history, being supported by every survey emerging in the academic world.  This shift during Covid has become overwhelming to Elders and Teachers across the board, capable of providing training to only a small percentage.

Witch School has faced this before, when we built the school, in the early Internet surge, and again during the shift to platforms. Over the last 20 years, we have provided basic training to advanced leadership. Our students and alumni have become guides, assistants, authors and leaders across the global Pagan community. We have done this through intelligent use of the Internet, as well as physical

Today, the Internet is shifting again, towards Web 3.0, and we are prepared to meet the demands that this change. We have deep archives, as well as the ability to create new content. It’s with this, that we will connect and provide a public education to everyone who seeks one.

Anyone who is seeking Priestess/Priest Training can directly join WitchSchool.com, where we provide the materials, testing and mentors for the First Degree.

Witch School for Beginners https://www.facebook.com/groups/222164943395896
Pagan Leadership Training   https://www.facebook.com/groups/340647740914923

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Witch School for Beginners https://paganworld.ning.com/groups/witch-school-for-beginners
Pagan Leadership Training https://paganworld.ning.com/groups/pagan-leadership-training

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