Hi Everyone,

So, I am an HPS and have been since around 1997.  Since then I have run a coven in one form or another. I started looking into actual leadership training recently for various reasons, and so I began by reviewing my personal views on the Rule of Three and ethics in general. Are any of you familiar with Robin Wood's When, Why...If? I'm almost done with it, and though it's an easy-to-read book, it really makes you look deep into your own moral code. The next book that I want to go through is the Pagan Leadership Anthology.  I'll be looking at this after I delve into something else...haha, typical pagan.  

How are you all doing? 

Brightest blessings,


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  • Another good one is "Wisdom Circles"

  • Hello, how are you doing with your reading? I have the book, "Pagan Leadership Anthology," and have read bits and pieces every once in awhile. BB

  • This is interesting stuff I look forward to an update on your progress with this. I will have to check out these books as well.

    • Hey, I like your hex sign! I'll let you know how these go. :-) 


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