This is an online chartered study group based around the First Degree lessons of the Correllian Nativist Tradition as a starting point. However the members of the group choose the things we will be focusing on. Anything in the realm of Wicca, Paganism, and Esotericism is on the table. We also just socialize and have fun so it’s a great way to meet other people of similar interests. To Join you can either email me directly : or you can DM me on the Pagan World site.

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How to sign up

To Sign up for our group you can DM me on Pagan world requesting to be added. You can also email directly if you wish Make sure before you sign up that you read the bilaws on the Group Documents tab

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Moving to Pagan World

I think the pagan community as a whole has been upset by the loss of Witchvox. Around the time that I started practicing Witchvox was an indispensable tool for meeting others and finding out about events. Much of that community building for better or worse has moved to Facebook. The problem being in my estimation that facebook is not really a Pagan platform.

What does this move mean?

In the short term nothing much. Things will still be…

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