Moving to Pagan World

I think the pagan community as a whole has been upset by the loss of Witchvox. Around the time that I started practicing Witchvox was an indispensable tool for meeting others and finding out about events. Much of that community building for better or worse has moved to Facebook. The problem being in my estimation that facebook is not really a Pagan platform.

What does this move mean?

In the short term nothing much. Things will still be posted on the main website. However over time there may be some things posted to pagan world that don't get posted to here.

How do I find the group page?

It's here:

Why Now?

For a few reasons. I want to support a Pagan project with our group. Also Costs associated with this page are expensive while being on a site dedicated to pagan groups just makes complete sense because that is our audience.