Welcome to Witch School for Beginners, where we will explore the world of magic, Witchcraft and Wicca.

This is a one year support class, led by the co-founder of Witch School, R Rev Ed Hubbard, . He has gathered together for this project over 30 highly trained and functioning experts, and adding all the time.  If you’re looking for a supportive community in which to explore and learn all aspects of the Craft, this is this the group, this is the place. 

As part of this I will give you a lot of Room, but I am totally intolerant to any form of discrimination based on hate. Let me make this clear, we are kind people, we are loving people, and we are strong. This group will help you discover self-love and love of community, and we are working 2022, to reach across the Internet. I am grateful to have you here.

Lesson 1 of 365

So Witches have many ways to understand the world. The most important tool of literate Witches is the journal. This is divide into two aspects, the Book of Shadows and the Book of Mirrors.  So acquire two tablets of written paper, one to collect spells, the other memories.  For Techno’s, create two files, attached to your favorite word processor.

When you have the two journals, name one the Book of Shadows, write your name into.  Set this aside, and we will work with it tomorrow.

Take the second journal, the Book of Mirrors, write you name, put the date, and begin your first question. On Jan 1st 2022, you are part of a wave of magic, and collectively we add power. So your first question for this course, “What I think a Witch is?”.  There is no right, wrong, or correct answer, there is only yours. So in this Book of Mirrors, we will explore your feelings, imaginative, your memories.

 It’s so important to be able to do shadow work and for 2022, we are going to record it as part of our way to grow your unique energy. This will improve your energetic flow, making it even more focused and energetic.  The Book of Mirrors is a great first step.

Ask questions, please share, and tomorrow we discuss the Book of Shadows. Z

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