Lesson 10 – The Power of Luck

I am glad to continue our exploration of being a witch as we explore the way we work with and changing energy. In this lesson I begin discussing one of the most underutilized skills and forgotten energies of the Witch, "Luck".

Lesson 10 – The Power of Luck

Luck, is a word we use to state that something improbable has occurred. The idea is been trained into us that we have this undefinable energy that choose to bestow good things and bad things upon people, without rhyme or reason. It’s simply our luck when things we cannot explain occur to us.

Luck is a Witches skill. We know that its not purely random or chaotic, but a force of probability. In its most extreme, a Lottery is a game of luck, for the individuals who play. The winner is the luckiest. Yet, in playing a lottery there will be a winner. This is a definitive and not left to luck. The game is played again and again until a winner is chosen. The fact a winner is eventually chosen is not luck, but is determined to occur. Only who the winner is the lucky part. Everything else, from designing the game, the desire to buy in, and even choosing the winner, are actual real actions. Without them, there is no luck, so in Lotteries Luck is the byproduct of a series of actions to create a winning effect.

When we talk of Luck as a Witches skill, it does not mean the Witch is lucky. We perceive the Witch knows the world is designed to create luck and opportunities. Luck is a force of the creation energies, one that puts actions into motion, to create diverse outcomes. So as a Witch we learn that we can create and even manipulate those actions, and the results.

If at the core Luck is random, then much of our arts of Divination, are based on this. The Shuffle of Tarot cards appears random, and we state that spirit affects them, and how they lay out. This is true, as with many divination arts, we begin with the premise of randomness. Yet this randomness has limits, contained by the number of cards in the set, or items within the casting. Then each card or object has a meaning, at least to the interpreter. Third, they must be put into motion by an outside force, in order to create for a moment, a random but finite world. Then this is placed before the seeker, to discuss the probable energies of their lives. In truth, the cards are laid out and luck alone places them into place. It’s this nature of the results of randomness that luck has its source.  

In developing luck, Witches use all manner of magic words and symbolism, to start the process, which appears random or disconnected from goal. Yet, these actions from lighting a candle to banish negativity, or calling the incantation, “Bring me Luck”, we put energy into movement. So by creating opportunities, by pushing energy, we see events that allow for change, and in embracing this, we can have lucky moments when things come our way.

Deep down, from the dawning moments of our consciousness, from those ancestors who held those fires so close, depended on luck. It was what was available when they did not yet have understanding of the sciences that worked. Here Luck was the child of hope, of wishing, or testing different things.  It is still what we seek when all else fails. As a Witch we know asking for luck, setting the pattern to happen is the first thing we do.

With our powerful imaginations, we can recognize the actions and energy created that generates luck. A Witch knows how to read the flow, imagine its many probabilities, and plucks out a creating the right spell, incantation, or even a simple hug that bring it together. Whether by doing Tarot reading, imbibing a talisman or charm, or simply acting from instinct and impulse, we imagine an outcome that can be considered lucky.

This ability to be involved, and by mundane standards, tamper with the forces of luck, is among the deepest fears of our fellow humans. It is also why they seek us out when nothing else is possible. It is why a Witches blessing is considered so powerful. It’s because Witches are lucky people.  We just choose what luck we have and give.

Today’s assignment, is two-fold, the first is to Wish people luck, by naming the desired outcome. “I wish you that this a great day.” By naming the wish for luck and its desired goal, it becomes a regenerative incantation, and you can see how it comes out. This takes time and practice.

The second, seek out and add to your Book of Mirrors, the luckiest thing that happened to you today! Unlike gratitude, this can be good or bad, according to your paradigm, Do this on a page, and add to it as often as daily. We will be revisiting this in this again in a few weeks.

So make it a Lucky Day
Ed the Pagan

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