Maybe is a undecided moment, when used properly. It creates a space in which possibilities are possible, and probabilities are working themselves out. This requires you allowing oneself to be unsure, to open the possibilities of yes and equally important thinking this is a no. Maybe is a place to create space for your thinking, and allow yourself the time to process. Even the reaction to a Maybe shows a great deal about who is asking the question and how they react.

A false Maybe is when you know you are not going to do it. This weakens its power, because it is often only used as a soft no. In this sense, the often heart sticky question, ‘Would you go out with me?” answered with a maybe, if real, is a hope. When fake and a soft know, it becomes cruel and bitter. Whenever you say maybe, you leave hope to the one asking the question. So in this maybe has a lot of emotional power and a scale often between hope and despair.

Maybe is a cosmic tease, when all facts are given, the mystery is in the maybes. Maybe is filled in this sense with portent, gravitas, and the sense of the future. Maybe its possible is opening the universe to the will and change. Maybe is that crack in the absolute, where chaos and change can begin.

Never substitute a Maybe for a soft no, or even a soft yes.  It has no value. Only when there is a real question of choice, and when used well, it is a extension of your will, creating energy, within the confines of your oral mystery.

Assignment: Give yourself a rule or two when you think maybe is a good word to use.

Ed the Pagan

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  • Give yourself a rule or two when you think maybe is a good word to use.

    • First rule: Groundbreaking questions, and when it has an impact on your life.
    • Second rule: Don’t lie to yourself, it’s better to be honest and harsh, than lie and give a false hope.
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