Lesson 37 of 365:  The Synergy of Synchronicity

In response of the requests of many to organize spells on a large scale. This has been a core practice of mine since 1988, starting with the Crystal Web. I have always practiced large scale actions, each of which builds on the last. It’s not in just this life, but in lives past as well. In my studies and memories, I have seen awareness of the spells that connect the distant past to the far future. Of course, you can choose to believe in the reality you choose, but in mine magick has been a force that has moved the world and we are able to change the course of our history and our evolution.

The idea behind creating a form of synchronized magic, both in the performance of spells and prayers is the underlying principle that it will have greater effect by having greater will, reinforced by attention. If you have interest in being involved with these styles of magic, the next 3 lessons will deal with how to organize, focus and energize them.  This is about your evolution into a world of greater magic.

Lesson 37 of 365:  The Synergy of Synchronicity

Deep within the legends of the powers of magical folk is the concept of the powerful individual. Yet, there is myths that when Witches come together the world trembles in their wake. This was and is a major awareness that exists in our imaginative historical minds. To help win World War II, the Allies used every skill they could come up with—including magic. So it is this aspect of spells that are focused against an enemy that does have an effect.

In doing expansive spells, that are the be Synchronized, there are 3 fways for this to occur. Each provides energy to the spell. The first, is the chant or shared spell words. This allows for a common vibration for the universe to answer, and it can be directed over a long period of time. It can be simple or extensive, used frequently to enforce an idea. “So Mote it Be” is a form of this. The Correllian Peace Prayer is another, the concept to increase energy by sharing a common act of will and attention.

The second way, is everyone focus at exactly the same minute. This can be done in small groups, and is at the core of coven and Circle work. Creating a synergy of wills, blended into a shared act. The concept can be increased over time. In today’s Internet world, this can create multiple groups at a range of thousands of miles to act simultaneously. In the course of magic, the accentuated will and focus of attention enhances the spell.

The first two can be combined, a common chant and a common time, creates waves of magic energy that can be focused. This is and can be effective.

The third is to rolling ritual, which has become very popular, and that is to cast the spell, at exactly the same time, within a region. 11:11 am is a common one, where when it’s that time in your region you cast the spell. The idea is that it rolls across the world, and finally hits its target. This form allows for greater participation, where the energy flows like wind and water across the planet. This is the form used by the Monthly Correllian Peace Prayer as well.

The singular concept that must be aware is the belief that where we unify our thought increases our will, and the more that shares, the greater the effect.  This is what we are seeing emerge as part of our technology assisted communication and practice.

Assignment: Explore at least one concept of shared and synchronized magic, be it a chant with a few, a local spell, or join one of many global spells. Write down your feelings and thoughts following it. Then write down your feelings and thoughts a second time, when a day has passed.

Ed the Pagan

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