Lesson 38 of 365: Deepening Shared Vision
In our continued exploration of large scale and synchronized spell casting, we need to understand that the attention and focus of the final event needs to be as unified as possible. Time Synchronization and the ritual prayer, chant or visualization being as close to identical as possible allows for attention in terms of creating vibration is essential. What is often lacking is what success looks like. What should the results be.

Witch’s ability to create a reality with magickal will essentially is a imaginative creation, followed by a organized act of will, and then carried out. What is needed is what is the result desired. This is often left ambiguous with the idea that the spell or even karma will sort it out. Its where we create the force but not the direction needed. Then if anything happens it requires mental gymnastics and rationalizations to make the result fit the spell. When it should be when the result happens it is obviously fitting the spell pattern.

So when we see spells for peace, we see pure intent of the desire, but really no understanding what it looks like. A recent spell, the Ukrainian Witches spell of Sunflowers made it very clear result, the death of the soldier to act as fertilizer. Very clear, and as we see, many soldiers have died beyond anyone’s expectations. Yet, the larger group spells for Ukraine peace lacks that clarity.

So my desire for a magickal construct which is the Great Crystal Web, over 33 years old began with five crystal buried around a tree in Chicago. Its clear intent was to gather energy, generate connections between magickal people and become a expansive network of people, who could use the grid of crystals to store their energy, tap it for energy, and use it to amplify spells, individually and synchronized large scale spells. Today it exists in numerous countries, locations, and different access points on a scale of thousands of people who actively participate. So this had a clear focus and we can see a real result of a imaginative construct. It was brought into being because it was possible to understand the desire. It is one of the largest egregore systems in the world today and continues to expand and deepen. It all happened because we agreed with the desired results looked like.”

So as a organizer of large scale spells, you need to lay out timing, the common chant, what and where we focus our will. The next thing is to explain and get a clear idea of what the result looks like. Not a ambiguous whatever happens does, let karma decide, or even think it will happen in unexpected ways. Instead by very direct and clear of what the result is desired and the innate counciousness, activated by Will, knows and act in the direction desired. So that is what we need in large scale ritual, a real goal to focus on.

Assignment: Decide what is a desirable goal to focus on, and build a spell from the goal.

Ed the Pagan

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