Lesson 6 of 365:  What is a Spell?

Visualize, focus on intent, and let energy flow, Ground

As our group is focused on developing spell casters across the spectrum and diverse practices.  When we came to magic it was a simple proposition, our will, focus on our intent, and seek a result, according to your Heart/Mind/Spirit.

A spell is simply using your inner imaginative mind to visualize your will gathering, you will name your intention, a mentally seek out a result. Once its name,. Send out all your energy you can and want into that spell. Once you have done that, ground and gather your thoughts.

Can it be that simple? Yes, it can. It is.

Now, every tradition, discipline, explorer seeks to make it stronger, powerful, repeatable and a hundred other words involved. They get results, deep down inside the engine of magic is our deep imaginative mind force, with its ability to visualize, establish intent, send forth energy and radiance by moving our minds. So the value of your spell is the quality of raising energy, the thrill of performing the spell, and awaiting the results known and unknown.

So today’s assignment is this: Visualize your intent, focus on saying it, say it loud with all your energy (physically and /or mentally), ground, and just release it. 

My spell for today, Teach as many people as possible spellcasting!

Make it a Magical Day
Ed the Pagan

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