Lesson 7 of 365: The Magic Wand

The power of directed energy is a early form of magical thought. Once we could feel magic within us, we pointed and desired a reaction. This moment of awareness, of the feeling of ener building and passing through us has been always with it. When it began to be combined with tools, being first a stick, then we saw some greater success. Most everything we think or do today was based in some form of survival behavior. This was no different, as the wand, as stick helped us imagine spaces outside our body we can extend our will and imagination to.

As we have, every tradition has this as part of their structure, and as you explore different paths, Wands, Athames, and other ritual tools will form in your practice, These are diverse and energetic as the people who wielded them. So feel free to reach out to our experts to explore different types of wands.

The First Wand was and continues to be your finger. Your wand becomes a extension of your finger, arm and body. You will point it at where you want your spell to have an effect.

!. Focus your intention in your mind. It needs to have a direction so you can focus from deep within to without.  A great first intention is “I want to feel the energy flow through me”.

2. Drawing from your feet, feel the energy in the ground. It’s filled with energy of the earth, of the land, and that energy moves. Allow it flow into you, let rise to your head and mind.   Once there enjoy the sensation.  Once you have then step 3.

3. Pull the energy into your heart or chest, so as to form a ball. This can be of any color or shape. Later you will learn to focus.

4. Point the wand where you would like. If you have no other focus use a quartz crystal, as they are useful batteries.

5. Push the energy from your chest, through your arm, and where you are pointed at. Keep this up as long as you can, until you no longer feel the energy. Then rest and ground.

That is the simplest form of wand use, and a pattern that works to be created into any spell.

For myself, I use a crystal wand, that draws from the Crystal Web. But more on that later.

Record your feelings in your Book of Mirrors..

Thanks you and Blessings
Ed the Pagan

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