Lesson 8 of 365: The Imagination is Real


In our one year journey, welcome to week 2 by the standards of our times. It’s important to understand that we exist in the eternal now. That’s a hard concept, and one that challenges even the greatest thinkers and participants. The Eternal Now is simply your Point of View at this moment, whenever this moment occurs. When you become aware of yourself, realizing you are always just you. This is a single point of reference, the center of your mind, the place your spirit resides. This Eternal Now is always changing, creating memories to the past and conceptualizes the future.  This is where our magic emerges, in this moment of eternal now. 

Breathe, you are here.

As the universe we exist in currently has strong bonds, it’s essential that we understand what happened to us, the Witches, the users of magic. Over a long period of time, the Eternal Now sat with member after member of living things, transforming the awareness towards its own existence. What is that existence called? We call it life. As it became aware life has existed and always will, that it acquired a form that remembers, can move its thoughts linearly into a physical realm, testing its ability to be in the Now. Today, Life expresses itself through you, and you possess that ancient power of the Eternal Now.  You are this moment’s Eternal Now.

Exhale, you are here.

As you release the idea of simply being here, to being in the sacred, the Eternal Now within us, gained a skill which makes us as human’s capable of moving forward. This magic was imagination, the true sacred fire. With our minds, we can project forward our thoughts to develop ideas never before conceived, or things we have done before and now reconceived into a new purpose.  Our imagination is the source of all magic, the source of all understanding, the one piece of the Eternal Now that can capture the past, create future thoughts and is always rooted in the now. You are that now.

Breathe your Now.

So magic is thought brought to effect the world. Everything you see now around you was created by imagination. Your imagination is the singular most important aspect of your being as a sentient lifeform. Whatever you can imagine, you can bring into the world. Whether it takes seconds, hours, days, and even the passing of entire centuries, your imagination can create the very forces that form the basis of our consensual reality.  That’s what we are really doing here, creating our imagination against a consensual reality, to begin seeking an Eternal Now.  Just accepting the Eternal Now, requires accepting your imagination, that ability to tap our past, present, future, and sideways of our reality, whatever our history, creating our moments.

Imagine the Now!

Today exercise is to use your imagination. In this exercise, write in your book, be it Shadows or Mirrors, depending how you want to answer this. “What is your most imaginative skill or power?”

When I was asked this question, when I was very young, the answer for me is “I want to give people wishes”.  Later when I was a bit older, the answer came again “What is a wish but someone’s discovery of magic” and that has been my pursuit.  My Eternal Now, is always “What do You Wish for?” and “What is Your Magic?”

We Now can Imagine our world.

In this moment, this is how we know magic exists, because we can imagine it does. It is the Eternal Now of our own personal lives, and there in nothing else like it.  Together, we can share and grow, becoming better at using our imaginations, transforming our world, and creating possibilities in all future times.

Breathe, Now Imagine.

Ed the Pagan

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