Lesson 9 of 365: Incantation “I am”, Words are Regenerative.
So today share with us an answer to this incantation, "I am..."

Lesson 9 of 365: Incantation “I am”, Words are Regenerative.
As Witches emerged, they mastered the art of language. Language has the incredible power of conveying information needed to comprehend reality. In the dawn, when life became alive, it was composed of protein lettering, and that language ws encoded into all life. This is the essence of Gaia, a language of biology made up her life, and now billions of years later, we are expressing language in so many different ways. This has always been what has been essential in our magic, the expression of words, sounds and symbols. The nature of our language, and all of it creates and regenerates our view of reality. It’s the hidden strength of all magical power.
The easiest and simplest of sound generated spell is the yell. Simply the shout, the expulsion of air through your lungs. This comes from your diaphragm, pushes through your lungs, and out the mouth. The purpose of this spell is to startle, to break the flow of the event occurring, an change the outcome. It can be to seek to startle or create fear, or to cry for help. The Shout is the simplest of spells, it reforms our reality, and creates needed opportunity and space required. It allows for the next action to take hold. Never ever forget the Shout is the first tool, and has value.
Now today, Incantations are the next level, Words formed to create a mental image within us. Simple sets of words which raises energy within us. Incantation comes directly from the Latin word incantare, "enchant". Incantare itself has cantare as a root, which reminds us that magic and ritual have always been associated with chanting and music.
An incantation, a spell, a charm, an enchantment or a bewitchery, is a magical formula intended to trigger a magical effect on a person or objects. The formula can be spoken, sung or chanted. An incantation can also be performed during ceremonial rituals or prayers. It is the Mother of all magic. To speak with purpose and energy, to create something new.
In my own practice, I use Incantations to help create conditions that my mind and body can carry out. My favorite is “I am”. This reminds me that I exist, that I am the center of my universe, and the deeper I believe, the stronger I accept, the more it shifts the energy within me.
So let’s begin with the regenerative Incantation, “I am”. From there you can add words and phrases, that you can recite over and over again. Whatever you say “I am” too, will find its way into your reality. To say “I am a Witch” begins this process of spiritual and magical within.
In todays assignment is to say “I am” and right down, in your Book of Shadows, “I am” and answer all the things you are. This will help in our next step of creating spells.
Blessed Be
Ed the Pagan
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