During the month of Octber 2023 the platform for Peer-to-peer fundraising Kickstarter is doing a special marketing campaign called "Witchstarter". As it sounds like they are look for magic, divination, and even occult projects. 
These kinds of production will benefit from this massive platform bcking and using their resources to promote.

Here is Kickstarters statement: 

This October, take part in Witchstarter, our first open call for Magic & Divination projects.

To participate, launch a project in the theme of magic and the occult, or discover new favorites to pledge to. We’ll give an extra promotional boost to projects that follow the theme.

Deck or dice, book or board game, ideas for Witchstarter projects may span any category on Kickstarter. Projects started via the link in this module will automatically be tagged as Witchstarter.


Our Group is all about sharing resources and marketingplans, seeking pledges for our projects, and doing the same for others. 

We will be doing marketing for our own citizens, vendors, and sponsors. 

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