Personal Altar (often in flux) - Cosmo Rubiconis

My personal it stands today in Aug 2022. Generally a place to burn incense, keep tools handy, and get lost in the vibe (rituals with candles would be done more safely on a side table). 

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  • Very nice looking altar.  I especially love the fact you went with a monochromatic color scheme. 

    • I can see my passion for deep or dark blues did sort of glom itself onto the altar and background over time, but it does enhance my focus and immersion, at least for most days when that aspect of the visual spectrum resonates within. Any lighting though changes color (same for the broader room), so I can shift the ambience a fair bit. It will probably evolve to have more 'cosmic' elements over time.

    • Altars definitely evolve.  Over the years mine has grown into an altar room.   Each wall has things that speak to me about that element (my tradition uses a different placement for the elements).  I also have things in my house that are mini altars even though they do not necessarily look like that to other people.  (I do interfaith work so it is important to me that lots of different people will feel comfortable in my home). 

      It might be enlightening to keep pictures of yours throughout your journey.  That would show you how you have evolved yours.   

    • Wonderful insights and feedback -- Thank You.

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